Resurfacing Bathtubs and Tiles

Resurfacing, re-glazing, and refinishing are all interchangeable terms for the same process. This process is where a chemical coating is applied over the existing finish of a fixture. Please understand, this IS NOT PORCELAIN. Porcelain is a much harder, more durable finish which CANNOT be applied in a home due to the high temperatures required. Most commonly we can apply this process to bathtubs, tiles, sinks, and in some cases, floors. The process includes stripping, if needed as in the case of previously resurfaced fixtures, acid washing, sanding, and then masking the surrounding area, at which point we apply a primer, and at least three coats of the high gloss finish. After drying to the touch we unmask and caulk any applicable edges.  Within 12 hours your fixture will be completely dry and hardened and ready for use.  We can apply this process to fiberglass, acrylic, porcelain, and previously resurfaced bathtubs. With proper care and maintenance your fixture can last 6-10 years.