What is resurfacing?

Resurfacing (also referred to as re-glazing or refinishing) is a process that bonds a hard, glossy coating over the existing fixture. This process is most notably used on bathtubs, sinks, and wall tile. The process begins with cleaning, followed by an acid wash. After that, we sand, and mask, then apply a primer coat and 3 coats of material to achieve a glossy smooth finish. We then unmask and caulk where applicable.


How do I know if my fixture(s) are in need of resurfacing?

Generally there are two major reasons to consider resurfacing. 1) If your fixture is hard to clean, stained, or discolored; 2) To spruce up an old bathroom, i.e. change colors, or just make it look new again.


How long does the process take?

Most work can be completed in less than one day. A typical bathtub takes between four and five hours depending on its existing condition.


How long before I can use the fixture?

A resurfaced fixture is usually dry to the touch upon completion. However it takes 12 hours to harden for use.


How do I clean my new finish?

There are a wide variety of cleaners which are good. Most importantly they must be non-abrasive.


What is the guarantee?

Up to THREE years from the date of completion for owner occupied, up to TWO years for rental properties. The finish is guaranteed against flaking, peeling, cracking, and any other workmanship defects.


How long does the finish last?

Generally with good care and maintenance the average finish lasts between 6-10 years.


If my bathtub has been refinished before, can it be done again?

Yes, absolutely. There is no limit to how many times a fixture can be refinished.


Is the new finish slippery?

In general we have found few instances where people complained about the finish being slippery. You may use a non-suction bathmat, but it MUST BE REMOVED after every use, and not left in the bathtub. If you feel the need for some added grip in a bathtub we have several options available. 


Is there any odour?

Unfortunately whenever you use any chemicals there is going to be an odor. How offensive it is depends upon each individual. We use a fan or ventilator depending on if there is a window in the room. This does help to evacuate most of the odours in the bathroom.


What colours are available?

We can match almost any color. We exclusively use the colour charts of the major bathroom fixture manufacturers.